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If you’re self-isolating and unable to get to a supermarket, or you’re struggling to get a supermarket delivery, we can help. We have a dedicated team of shoppers who will visit a supermarket on your behalf, and deliver the items direct to your door.  You provide a list, and we do our very best to get you as many of the items as possible.

During busy periods, we may have to limit the purchase of heavy/bulky items, or substitute these items for less heavy/bulky ones. If items you’ve requested aren’t in stock, we’ll do our best to find sensible alternatives with your permission.

Please note, this service is FREE. We do not charge delivery/service fees, but you will be required to provide the funds for the goods themselves. There are various ways of paying for your goods, all of which we can outline to you when you get in touch.

When we deliver, we adhere to social distancing guidelines and will leave your goods outside your door, standing at least two metres away.

When you’re following government advice to stay at home, we completely understand how lonely it can get. Having no social interaction in your day can take a huge toll on your mental health, so we’ve put together a team of phone buddy’s who can give you a call at various points throughout the day. Whether you want to chat through the latest news, the goings-on of the pandemic, or talk about something that interests you, we’ll be there.

If you require regular medication, we have a service where we’re able to collect and deliver it to you.

Like our shopping service, we will adhere to social distancing guidelines and leave your medication outside your door, standing at least two metres away. You will be required to pay for your prescription fees, but the service/delivery is FREE.

If you’ve just returned from hospital, COVID-19 related or not, we provide we can provide welfare calls; a friendly person to check in on your ‘at home recovery’. We can also provide you with urgent food support as it’s likely you have no food in the house and aren’t entirely feeling a trip to the supermarket.

The Westway Hub team are able to provide the pet care you need should you not be in a position to do this yourself. Regardless of your reasons for not being able to go out, we can walk your dog, provide pet food or put you in touch with the vets to ensure your ‘best friend’ is looked after.

Where financial issues arise, we’ll do our very best to give you what support we can. We’ll be able to put you in touch with relevant parties who can advise on any financial difficulties you have.

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